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Our Commitment towards You !

  • Unlike others We do not send you any generic Report.
  • We will send you the Analysis Report in 5-6 working Days depending upon Rush.
  • All Our Analysis is done using all the Divisional chart like D9, D10 etc and Nakshatra.
  • Reports are in PDF format so that you can view them on any PC or Mobile easily. You can also take telephonic consultation
  • We believes in transparency and facts. That’s why we don’t just give you analysis, we also give you the reasons and the planet combinations that have led to the conclusion.
  • Every Report will contain Remedial Measure

    Still Confused ? Drop a line stating your requirement on  Rest will be taken care by us

Services Offered By US!

Career and Finance related Query

Query Related to your Profession, Job, or Business. This Report will give you an overall Analysis of your Career prospect and Financial Prospect. The report will include

  • Overall Analysis of Your Career Prospect
  • Overall Analysis of Your Finance Prospect
  • Analysis with D10 chart
  • Best Career Options,
  • Business or Job Which is better,
  • Which Kind of Business will suit you,
  • Things to do to improve your career progress,
  • Govt Job Chances,
  • Remedies.
  • Maximum 4 specific Questions about career and Finance can be asked.

Charges 850 Rs or 25 US$

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Marriage and Relationship

Marriage & Relationship Service will Give you

  • Relationship Tendency as per your chart to help you understand the problems in your Relationship.
  • How to improve your relationship
  • Love marriage or arranged marriage
  • Look your Future Spouse
  • Nature of Your Spouse-To give you an idea about his nature so that it will be easier for you to understand him.
  • Profession of Your Spouse
  • Marriage Timing
  • Overall condition of Married Life
  • Initial Letter of Your Spouse
  • Punarphoo Dosha and Manglik Dosha Analysis
  • Remedies etc.

Charges 700 Rs or 20 US$

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Full Horoscope Analysis

Online Astrologer

Complete Horoscope Analysis will give you Idea about

  • Overall Analysis of your birth chart
  • Overall Analysis on Relationship and Marriage,
  • Overall Analysis of Career and Professional Success
  • Overall Analysis of Finance
  • Overall Analysis of Foreign Travel and Foreign Settlement prospect in your chart
  • Short Analysis of upcoming 4-5 years.
  • 5 Specific questions are allowed
  • Remedies

This is ideal for those who want to know about Marriage, Career, Finance, Foreign settlement etc. All in one report.

Charges 1150 Rs or 40 US$

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Horoscope Matching For Marriage

Online Astrology Consultation

If you want A genuine and Authentic Horoscope Matching, This service is exclusively for you. Get the Horoscope of Bride and Groom Matched for Happy Marital Life. Both the Horoscope will be matched As per planetary alignment and we do not use astakoota Guna score.

Charges 850 Rs or 30 US$

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Foreign Travel and Foreign Settlement

This service is for those who are Interested for Foreign Travel and Foreign settlement. The report will Include a detail analysis about Combinations in your Horoscope for Foreign Travel, Permanent Foreign Settlement and Tentative Timing for Foreign Travel.

Consultation Charge- 500 Rs.

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Telephonic consultation

Telephonic Consultation on one chart. Talk directly with me on your chart and get a one to one consultation over phone. You can ask about anything regarding your chart during the consultation period.  Duration 45 minutes to one hour.

The Consultation Charge is 1500 Rs. or 50 US$

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