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God has sent us to this world with a purpose. Our job is to fulfill that purpose. Spiritual triangle is something which is actually the driving energy within us. As per Vedas Human Life is having four main purpose-Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. In Zodiac there are 12 house and all these houses are grouped into these. These are known as purusharthas. Every human being exists for these purusarthas. So we need to check them with reference to our existence i.e. Lagna

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Each group is having 3 houses and each house is 5 houses away from the next house. e.g. 5th house is 5 houses away from Lagna and 9th house is again 5 houses away from 5th. If we plot them over a natural zodiac we will get a triangle shape. So these are called spiritual triangle or trikona.

Different Spiritual triangle tells us different story.

Dharma Trikona: The 1st house i.e. the Lagna, 5th house and 9th house is known as dharma Trikona.

Artha Trikona: The 2nd house, 6th house and 10th house is called Artha Trikona

Kama Trikona: The 3rd, 7th and 12th house is called Kama trikona

Moksha Trikona: The 4th, 8th and 12th house is called Moksha Trikona.

I will try to give you all an idea about the functioning of Spiritual Triangle

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Among the Spiritual Triangles, the first triangle is Dharma Trikona. Dharma does not mean Religion only. Dharma means Responsibility or duty which we should do. Like the dharma of a warier is to fight. How we execute a work or how we do our duty that is defined by this trikona.The rules or the principles we follow is governed by these house. The first house is the Lagna which is our entire existence, it says who we are. Depending upon who we are, our dharma will differ. For example, dharma of a king and dharma of a priest is not same. The 5th house is our ability. 9th house is the actual dharma or the principles that we need to follow. Based on our ability we will choose the principles or way of working.


Artha Trikona does not mean only that these house will give money. These house states that what we should do.artha-trikona The purpose of our duty is derived from these house. To execute any purpose we need resources which is governs by 2nd house. The obstacles or oppositions we need to overcome in this process are governed by the 6th house and 10th house is the work or action or what we finally achieve.

Kama trikona is the desire or the motivation of the work. The 3rd house is the initiative. For doing any work we must take the first step i.e. the initiative. It is the driving force behind us. 7th house the desire or what we want out of our work. Without expectation or desire we do not get the motivation to do something.11th house is the fulfillment of our desire. It is the house of gain.

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Moksha trikona is most important for spiritual growth. Moksha means overcoming of gain or desire. In Moksha a soul becomes from the cycle of birth and rebirth. For attaining Moksha we need to do niskam karma or overcoming of desire. 8th house in this trikona is the house of occult knowledge or tapasya or sadhana Which is necessary to achieve moksha. It is the effort to achieve the Moksha. 12th house is giving away everything. It is the opposite of 11th house in nature.

So overall we can say that Dharma and Moksha trikona shows the spiritual growth of a person whereas the artha and kama trikona shows the materialistic growth and improvement. The no of planets in the spiritual triangles, will be the diciding factor. More no of planet means more energy in that particular house. One important thing to notice the two houses of Artha trikona (6th and 10th) and two houses of Kama Trikona (3rd and 11th) is upachaya house. That’s is why it is said that if the upachaya houses are strong, native can have good materialistic gain.

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