Spouse profession in Astrology-How to know rich husband & future husband career

Spouse profession in astrology

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most important decision of our Life. After reaching a marriageable age, we all dream about our future spouse and curious to know about him or her. We have a detailed Article on Future spouse Looks and here we will discuss about how to know future spouse profession in astrology.

Before discussing Spouse profession in astrology, Lets understand some points for good marital relationship.

For Happy Married Life, we need a strong 7th house and 7th Lord. They should be free from any Affliction. But Beside 7th Lord there is another way to see it from Chart. We need to See the Arudha Pada of the 12th house. This is also known as Upapada Lagna (UL).

How to calculate the Upapada: Suppose a person is born with Aries Lagna and his 12th Lord Jupiter is placed in Cancer. From 12th house Pisces to cancer, the distance is of 5 Sign. So we will add 5 sign from Cancer and we will reach Scorpio Sign. Scorpio will be the Upapada Lagna for this native.

  • If your Upapada Lagna (UL) is conjunct or aspected by benefic planets, it indicates a happy and trouble free marriage.
  • If your Upapada Lagna and Arudha Lagna is conjunct or in 5-9, There is high chance that your spouse will be very caring and loving.
  • if Your UL and A7 is conjunct, there will be good physical relations with your spouse.
  • If Your Atmakaraka Planet is conjunct with the UL of your Spouse, there will be good mutual attraction.
  • If You have Benefic Planets in the Second house from UL, your married life is protected.
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Planets and Houses which are important for husband Career:Astrology

In any chart, 10th house is known as the Karmasthan or house of career. But while judging the profession of husband or spouse, we have to consider 10th house from the 7th i.e.the 4th house from Ascendant. Because 7th is the house of marriage or husband and 10th house from it will be the house of husband career astrology. For Example if an individual is having Aries Ascendant, his 7th house will be Libra. 10th house from Libra i.e. Cancer will be the house for husband career in astrology. The 4th Lord, the 4th house and the planets aspecting the 4th house will have a say in deciding the future spouse profession in astrology. Moreover, your 11th house is the house of gain. So it will also have a say in profession of spouse in astrology. Lastly we can not forget about Lagna or the Ascendant. If we use Bhavat bhavam principle, Lagna will be the 7th house from 7th and we all know that 7th is the secondary house for profession or career.So Lagna and Lagna Lord will also have a say in husband’s profession from Kundli. Jupiter signifies husband in a women’s chart as per Vedic astrology. So Jupiter and planets associated with it should be checked for getting some hints about husband Profession astrology. In case of male, Venus signifies wife. So we need to see Venus and planets associated with it for getting some hints about spouse profession in astrology.

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So in a nutshell, your 4th house, 7th house, Lagna,10th house from Upapada Lagna is very important to predict Spouse profession in astrology.

Husband Profession Navamsa

Navamsa is the most important Divisional chart in Vedic Astrology. Marriage and Marital bliss is mainly checked from Navamsa along with the Rashi chart. The Navamsa Lagna Lord, the 7th lord and the 10th lord in Navamsa will have influence in deciding the husband profession in astrology.The Navamsa sign of 4th Lord will also needs to be checked. For husband profession:Navamsa is a crucial chart. It is also important divisional chart for Prediction of questions like when will i get married from astrology.

Rich Husband Astrology or how to know about Rich Spouse in astrology

If the 11th Lord goes to the 7th house or 11th lord is conjunct with 7th lord and also strong, it may signify a rich husband or spouse. For example, if an individual is having Aries Ascendant and his or her 11th Lord saturn is exalted in 7th house without any malefic influence can be an indication if rich spouse in Astrology. But we must keep something in mind that, rich does not mean millionaire always. It simply means that the financial condition of the spouse will be better than the Native.

If a strong Sun is also posited in 7th house or in Upapada Lagna(UL), it also indicates a rich spouse in astrology. There is chances that the wife or husband will come from a better social background. If the Upapada Lagna Lord is exalted, that is also an indicative of Rich spouse Astrology.

If the 7th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord and placed in a benefic navamsa, indication is that the spouse will belong from a prestigious family and the economic condition of the spouse will be better than the native. A strong Lord of the 7th house assures that the spouse will belong to a rich family.

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Another indication of rich husband in astrology If the Lord of the 2nd house is exalted.

In Vedic astrology, there is one Yoga known as Sreenath Yoga which gives rise of fortune after marriage. Sreenatha Yoga is formed when 7th lord is exalted in the 10th with 9th. This yoga demands the union of two people – like Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi triggering a fortunate raja yoga post marriage.

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Spouse Profession in Astrology

In earlier Days the girls were most likely to be non-working. But nowadays the no of working girls has increased to a large extent.Moreover New professions are emerging rapidly, so predicting the correct profession, is a difficult task. From the Horoscope of any native, we can only get an idea about the profession of the prospective spouse but for exact information we have to see the birth chart of that individual.

  • For prediction of profession of husband, we have to see the 7th house and planets related with 7th house. Because 7th house is the house of life partner.
  • We have to see the condition of Jupiter, Venus and 7th Lord in Rashi chart as well as Navamsa Chart.
  • Check the condition of Upapada and Dara Pada to know Spouse Profession in astrology.

The 10th house from 7th i.e. 4th house from Lagna and 10th House from Upapada Lagna (UL) needs to be checked for husband career astrology.

If the 4th Lord goes to 7th house or 7th lord is placed in the 4th house or 4th lord and 7th lord is conjunct or exchange sign, there is high chance that your spouse will be very careeristic and independent person.

Venus:Spouse Profession in astrology will have venus energy. If the 4th Lord is Venus and it is strongly posited in the chart like own sign, exalted or vargottam without any malefic influence or Venus is in 10th house from Upapada(UL), the husband can be involved in any designing work, creative work, fashion industry, artistic work or in any corporate company etc.

Jupiter:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Jupiter energy. If the planet is Jupiter the spouse may be involved in Teaching profession, Banking sector or any religious work etc.

Mars:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Martian energy.If the Planet is Mars and it is strongly posited in your chart, there is chances that your spouse may be involved in Police, military, surgeon or engineering work.

Mercury:Spouse Profession in astrology will have Mercury energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house from Upapada Lagna is influenced by Mercury. There is chances that your husband may be in trade and commerce, chartered accountant, Lawyer, Teacher etc.

Sun:Husband Profession in astrology will have Solar energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house from Upapada Lagna is influenced by Sun. If the Planet is sun and it is strong, your spouse may be a govt official, doctor, actor etc.

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Saturn:Husband Profession in astrology will have Saturnine energy when the 4th house from Lagna or 10th house fro upapada Lagna is influenced by saturn. If the planet is Saturn, your spouse may be in the profession of Engineer, Judge or any judicial service, social service etc.

One thing to remember that if there is Rahu or Ketu in the 4th house, there is chances that your spouse will not be happy or satisfied in his or her career.

If there is conjunction between 9th lord & 10th lord, 4th & 5th lord or plenty of dhana yogas in Navamsa, there is high chance that your wife or husband will come from good family status and will have good status in society.

Spouse can play a huge role in a persons success-Its a way to balance out negativity in the chart.

Complete birth chart with Navamsa chart needs to be Seen for getting some hints about the husband career:astrology do not work in isolation.

If you want a prediction about your chart, Please get in touch with Me for a complete analysis.

I have tried to give some information about the husband profession in astrology, if you think i have missed something please add them with comments. If you Like it do not forget to share.


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