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Sun in 10th house for All the Ascendant- Everything You Should Know

Sun in 10th house of your Horoscope is a Blessing if found in a Good Dignity. Lord Rama had Sun in 10th house in Aries. With this one example you can understand how Beneficial and effective it can be in your Horoscope.

Before discussing the effects in depth i want to tell you that though it is Considered as a beneficial Placement but there are Several other parameter to check. We need to Check the Lordship, Nakshatra, Strength of Sun in other Divisional Chart to understand what kind of Result Sun can give in your 10th house. But undoubtedly it is one of the best Position for Sun in your Horoscope.

Importance of 10th house

  • In Vedic Astrology 10th House is said to be connected with the profession you have or the work you do or associated with. So it is considered as the Karma Bhava.
  • It rules over the profession, Status in the Society, Prestige, Honour, Leadership Position etc. 10th house and its lord chiefly determine your profession.
  • For being an Artha House, 10th House can also soothe one’s financial condition and make him prosperous, economically and materially. Sometimes when it makes a combination with 9th house, a best ever Raj-Yoga gives the native utmost success.

Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

  • According to astrology Sun is the king among planets. In Vedic astrology Sun is given the supreme priority. Sun is believed to be the perfect representative for your Soul, your ego and the distinctive characteristics of your own.
  • It helps to enhance the ability to create something unique and lift the power up to overcome the tough hurdles in daily life. It gives us life as well as light and that is how it helps in building your personality strong and dynamic.

Overall Effect of Sun in the 10th house

  • 10th house is a Kendra House as well as a Upachaya House. It is not only Kendra House but Strongest among all the Kendra House of Horoscope. We all know that Malefic Planets are strong and give good result in Kendra as well as in Upachaya House. Almost all the Planet gives Good result in 10th house.
  • But Among all the House or Bhavas of Horoscope, 10th house is the only position where Sun feels strong and delighted. This is one of the most favourable position for Sun in the birth-chart.

It gets Directional Strength in 10th House. So it becomes extra Powerful. If you do not know What is Directional Strength, Read: What is Directional Strength in astrology

  • Sun in the 10th house will make you Karmayogi. Naturally, it would bring positive impacts in natives’ life by providing him with fame, glamour and a great philosophy towards life. These people are generally very fond of public attention.
  • Generally the overall impact is believed to be auspicious. You will be well-educated and courageous. Your intelligence may bring you the recognition widely. Due to your outstanding performance you will be able to take possession of a higher and prestigious position in government.
  • As Sun is also Significator of Government, this Placement of Sun in 10th house can give you Government Job as well. With the blessing of Sun you will get privileged from higher authority in Govt. Sector, from friends and relatives. When the Sun is in its own sign Leo or exalted, the result may impact more. It will bring you unlimited popularity for your social works, communication and achievements. It is the Most important planet when career in Govt Sector or Administrative Positions is considered.

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When your 10th house is occupied by a strong and well-placed Sun, you will have distinctive achievements in the fields related to education, which will make you different from others. It may happen when you are even under the age of 18. In a word, a 10th house Sun will make you live like a king.

Though Sun primarily provide good results in 10th house, there are some points where the result may differ. For example, a strong and well-placed Sun has a lot of difference from what a debilitated Sun has in 10th house.

If your 10th house has a debilitated or afflicted Sun, your name may often be associated with controversy, defamation, failure and unfair activities. Your professional career may be fully reversed. When the Sun is in a malefic sign in 10th house, you will have hurdles or obstructions in career. You will suffer because of being involved in evil or sinful deeds.

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We can mention the name of some famous personalities in our country in this regard. Nusli Wadia is one of the top industrialist in India. Though he came from a very wealthy, reputed and well-known family background, he single-handedly established the business empire of his own. That has been possible only for his endless endeavours that he got for having Sun in 10th house. Today, he is the owner of a number of industrial units which manufacture different commercial things.

Respected leaders like Netaji Subhas chandra Bose and Lal Bahadur Shastri had Sun in their 10th bhava or house in Capricorn and Virgo respectively. Today we all know how much the whole World know them and how much famous and popular they are. It had been possible only for their brave as well as exceptional deeds which made them memorable forever in our heart.

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Sun in 10th house in different Sign for different Ascendant

Though Sun in 10th house chiefly brings auspicious result, the influences in different signs or ascendant may vary. For example, falling in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo, Sun can make one a successful politician or doctor. He or she may work for the administration like as Police or as a revenue officer. If Sun falls in the 10th house for Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces, you can become a member of Parliament or legislative assembly or can possess the post of a governor. Sun, falling in Libra will make you a judge, advocate or any kind of law personnel. With Scorpio, the Sun can give you an established career as a surgeon or physician.

Now, we are going to discuss more specific effects of Sun in 10th house in various signs and ascendants.

Sun in the 10th house in Sagittarius Sign

For Pisces ascendant Sagittarius becomes the 10th house. If Sun is in the 10th house in the sign of Sagittarius, you will have influence in society, professional circle and can be benefited from the fields related to government. Your social and professional works will get appreciated. Sagittarius is a Friendly Sign as well Fiery Sign. Hence Sun is Quite Strong here. With this Placement, You will always be trying to dominate others but your hard-work will justify that.

Sun in 10th house in the sign of Taurus

For Leo Ascendant Taurus becomes the 10th house. The Placement of Sun in 10th house in Taurus Sign will make you Fortunate Regarding Career and Profession. You will have good Chance to get Govt Job. You will establish yourself with your own effort. But as this is the sign of Venus which is enemy to Sun, unless Venus is Very Well placed and Strong Sun do not Give the Beneficial result Completely.

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Sun in the 10th house for Aquarius Sign

For Taurus Ascendant Aquarius becomes the 10th house. With Sun in Aquarius, you will have happiness from your mother but there is a possibility of enmity from the part of father. You will get the success you desire in the fields related to lands and buildings, that will take you to the utmost level. Though there may be some downfall due to your lazy attitude, an overall happiness in occupation or your professional career will always be maintained.

Sun in 10th house for Cancer ascendant in the sign of Aries

For Cancer Ascendant Aries is the 10th house. Sun becomes exalted in Aries. Hence it can make you more powerful among other influential personalities in society. You will gain enormous wealth but care a bit little about that. The fame you achieve and the wealth you earn will be mainly through business or trade, or some other prestigious profession. You will get respect for in work place from government, society and other co-workers. You may not be able to enjoy much peace due to your busy life style. However, Sun in 10th house for Cancer ascendant Indicates you are born and brought up to a high class influential family which, in future, will help you to be a dignified person.

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Sun in 10th house Capricorn Sign for Aries ascendant

If you are an Aries ascendant then the 10th sign is Capricorn. If your 10th house is occupied by Sun, there will have been some kind of negativity which you have to overcome. You will have to solve some specific aspects like your childish behaviour, being envious with father etc. If you can manage those hurdles, the hindrances in the way to achieve advancement of profession will be removed. The placement of Sun in 10th house for Aries ascendant will make you work really hard to obtain success. The growth in your career will never be so easy, rather you may have to face opposition in society and profession, specially that related to government. It is very important that you should take care of your inefficiency because your work will lack decency. Nevertheless, this aspect will help you to respect mother. You will be very concerned about any affair related to property like house, land etc. that will help you to enjoy immense pleasure and happiness.

Sun in 10th house in Leo for Scorpio ascendant

For Scorpio Ascendant Leo becomes the 10th house. When the Sun is in 10th house in Leo, you will get a splendid job or get associated or connected with social and administrative or government matters. You will be gifted with great authoritative power. There will be some negativity and carelessness in the house of both of your parent. Your hectic schedule will make you utterly restless.

Sun in tenth house for Gemini ascendant for the Pisces sign

If you are a Gemini ascendant Pisces is the 10th house. Sun in your 10th house will give you supreme power like a king and can take your success to the ultimate height. With the influence of this placement you will have huge progress in both of your personal and professional life. That is only because of your energetic mind and mental strength in your attitude which you will gain for having this placement. You will have a strong influence of your father all through your life. You will be getting co-operated from your brothers or the nearest ones which will help you in the way to earn achievements. You can influence affairs happened in government and society. It gives you the mentality to work hard and you will truly get success for your hard labour. You will always have a craving to do some good or welfare works. You will be ever courageous that will impact the others in your circle.

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Sun in 10th house for Capricorn ascendant in Libra Sign

For Capricorn Ascendant Libra becomes the 10th house. Sun is debilitated in Libra. Sun in 10th house may bring some kind of weakness in relations in your personal life, specially which requires longevity will be much effected by it. Though it can later be cured, you will have to face complexities in business. You have to do hard labour to get read of it and that will make you restless in life. Sun here will make you gifted with advantages from parent in several fields specially those concerned with land and construction.

Sun in 10th house in Gemini sign for Virgo ascendant

When Sun occupies 10th house for Virgo ascendant in the sign Gemini, you may have to face loss in the house of father but will have a magnificent success in business according to income that will make you able to spend a lot. Though there may be some issues in the house of mother and problems regarding respect, this placement can recover you a little bit from your distressed condition. But you will have to work so hard for that.

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Sun in tenth house in the sign of Cancer for Libra ascendant

With Libra Ascendant your 10th house is Cancer. With this placement you will gain much respect and that will increase your income in trade or any other job. It will give you strength to conduct business in a more large scale. For this placement you may gain heavily from the house of father. By gaining from government sector, you will become a respectable person. You will get maximum gain from the business related to land and buildings, though an insipidity may be noticed from your part. You will have an incredible quality of having foresight and sometimes you may get success in business or anything else occupation by using it.

Sun in the tenth house for Aquarius ascendant in Scorpio sign

If you have Sun in your 10th house and you are the owner of the sign Scorpio, then it will be proved a positive sense for you. You will pursue your daily occupation with great courage that will help you to achieve honour and create influence among your co-workers or higher authority. Your wife may also be influential that will add strength to your power. You will also get sexual pleasure and that is how you will always be able to maintain a healthy and peaceful conjugal life. Your skill to adopt will make you a good manage. There may be some issues in the house of mother but that is not a case to be worried much.

Sun in tenth house in the sign of Virgo for Sagittarius ascendant

If you are a Sagittarius ascendant, the 10th house Sun will make you supremely successful. You will get a lot of respect and honour due to strength and power that will be predestined for you. You will be gifted with fame and success in business and gain from the part of both the father and mother. For being associated with government and social works, you will get advantages and progress. You may be an officer for which you must be very influential. At the same time, you will have a religious mind and will follow the rituals specially which ones are connected to religion thoroughly. You will always be a stern supporter of justice and follow the same in your life.

I have Tried to give you Some information about the 10th house Sun. If you have this Placement do comment below and share your experience. You can consult me for your Career Related Queries Also.

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