Effects of Sun in 11th house for all the Ascendant


In our Vedic astrology, Sun is said to be the mightiest planet which rules the whole zodiac world by its own. Sun in 11th house means when it occupies the 11th sign from your ascendant or Lagna. This is generally consider a beneficial placement. but for every ascendant the result will differ which we will discuss going forward.

But you should always remember that the actual results not only depends on the house but on various other factors like conjunction with other planets, Nakshtra, placement in other divisional charts etc.

In this blog, you will get to know the importance of the Sun in the 11th house for different ascendant. You will get the idea about its effects or impact. You can easily understand the connection between Sun and the 11th house.

The planet Sun and his significance

In our Vedic astrology, Sun is the king of the planets. Sun is the source of light in this entire world. In the absence of Sun the entire world will be filled with darkness. Similarly if Sun is weak in your chart you will face lot of difficulty which will fill your life with darkness.

It has immense impact all over the world. Vedic astrology gives the highest priority to the Sun. It indicates your power and how powerful you are. Sun is believed to be the significator for your spirit, ego and the distinctive characteristics within you.

Sun helps us with an enhanced ability to create something unique and gear your power up to overcome the hard times of life. It gives you a life full of light and helps in developing the strong and dynamic qualities in your personality.

11th House in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, 11th house is considered as one of the auspicious houses. It is commonly referred to as the House of Friends. It is also called the Labha house where the term ‘Labha’ means gain or achievement. So, 11th house is a strong indicator of income and gains. It signifies prosperity, profits, money, abundance and earnings. What you aspire and desire are signified by this 11th house. Therefore, it refers to the fulfillment of all your desires.

Without a strong 11th house it is difficult to achieve success in life.  That is why it is called the house of profit or gain.

The placements of planets which occupy this house govern the sources of your income from where you would be able to earn most of your wealth. Along with your profession, it also explores the ways to gain wealth like inheritance, speculation, business in foreign countries and such other sources.

11th house is the house of friendships. It also represents your social recognition. 11th house governs the people who will help you in realizing your desires help you to make your dreams come true. It can indicate your ability to make friends easily, the kind of people you make friendship with, whether these friendships turn out to be fruitful or not.

11th house in Vedic astrology also governs your participation in groups and communities and the kind of relationship you share with your friends or the siblings.

11th house also indicates that you will have interest in the activities and other happenings in society. Your close acquaintances and well-wishers will be indicated by this house. This house also determines the sources of your financial assistance and gains from the associations placed in it. 11th house also shows the quality of relationship you have with your paternal side.

It is also popularly known as the ‘Badhaka’ house, where the term ‘Badha’ means obstacles. In our life, some of the desires are good for us because of their nature, but their execution or fulfillment can be destructive. 11th house can be Badhaka particularly towards certain cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The placement and association of planets in the 11th house in your horoscope ensures whether you will have to face obstacles in life or will be able to remove them. The positive placements in this house can bring lot of opportunities for you. But, in spite of some obstacles, you will be able to bring them down.

Since the 11th house has a relation with Labha or gains, it also plays a role to determine both the positive and negative factors that can bring success to you or can create difficulties. You will get benefited with the success to your endeavours related to business, higher education, court case, occupation or speculation and other such fields.

In the Zodiac cycle, the 11th house relates to the 11th sign, which is Aquarius. Sun is Atmakaraka or the natural significator of this house. This house rules some of our body parts including ankles and calf. With reference from the Mundane Astrology, this house stands for legal interactions or things related to law, and allies between the friends or the friendly neighbouring countries.

The Effects of Sun in the 11th House:

The Sun in the 11th house can make your life prosperous. This placement will make you skilled in using your speech. You will be able to rule over your subordinates. Sun in the sign of Aries or Leo or even any other friendly signs will make you very powerful. If the Sun is in combination with 4th lord, then you may be endowed with huge financial power. The planet Sun in 11th house, if not afflicted, can make you very fortunate.

The position of Sun in the 11th house will give you the power to form an outstanding connection with some influential people of authority. These friendships will provide full support to you and you will be able to realize the dreams and ambitions of your life. These are otherwise impossible to be fulfilled.

Sometimes, the placement can also help you to gain financial stability. Sun in 11th house can create a strong inclination towards leadership positions and help in being a representative. Peoples with this placement also have some strong tendencies toward humanity. This placement will work as an amplifier to set your mindset to grow social and business interests in you.

You will have a tendency to think about the mass more than your own needs. But sometime you can also become self-centered and may give the priority to your own desires above anything else. Unlike the other house placements of Sun, this position will give you the utmost wish to be popular. You will always prefer the popularity than power.

The people with Sun in their 11th house are amiable and can make lots of friends. They will have an exceptional ability to organize any initiative especially those ones where it needs group activities and gatherings. According to Phaldeepika, the Sun in 11th house will also bless you with a lot of wealth and you can enjoy a long life.

Sun in 11th house can make you famous and fond of music as well. You will have earnings from the government sector. You may further be endowed with ruling power. You may become a Judge or a Magistrate and will have the power to give punishment under the authority of the government.

So, it can help to have much power and influence. Sun in 11th house will make you ambitious and your ambitions too will be made successful with the help of this placement.

Sometimes, when the Sun is in the 11th house, it may cause unhappiness in your life on account of some issues regarding progeny. From time to time, it may also cause financial inflexibility. The Sun in even sign may bestow sudden gains. But, on the other hand, if in odd sign, the Sun in 11th house will grant success only after some steady efforts.

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Sun in 11th house Career

Sun in 11th house rules the path of your career differently. You can have your career destined to a different field. You will have an attractive voice and sharp skills to make a person convinced with your words. You can be a lecturer. You can also have your career as a philosopher. There are chances that you can also start your career as an entrepreneur.

Whatever you choose, you will have a successful career. You will be hard-working and dedicated to your career. You will be a good student since childhood. You will have a perfect education from your childhood. The possibilities for a government job are comparatively high for you.

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Sun in 11th house for marriage

Sun in the 11th house is quite pleasant for love and married life. You will have a peaceful and stable married life. You will get the support of your partner. You will have a great experience of love. Your partner will support you even in the difficult stages of your life. You will be satisfied with your married life and relationships.

Sometimes, you may have some difficulties in your relationship. You will have to face some misunderstanding. But you will make everything settled with your patience and love. You will be romantic in nature. You will share a great bond of love as well as respect with your partner.

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Sun in 11th house for childbirth

Sun in 11th house will not be that good for your child. You will have to face trouble when it comes to your children. You will have to face problems regarding your child’s birth. Your child will not be fit and healthy. They will suffer from some sort of health issues. You will have to take extra care of your child. But if the Sun is well placed in your house, then you will not have to face any of those problems regarding your children.

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Sun in 11th house in different sign for different ascendant

Though Sun in 11th house chiefly brings auspicious result, his influences in different signs or ascendant can never be the same. It may vary to some extent, sometimes a lot.

Now, we are going to discuss more specific and accurate effects of Sun in 11th house in various signs and ascendants. Hope it will help you more.

Sun in the 11th House for Aries Ascendant

The 11th sign for the Aries Ascendant is Aquarius. Sun is the 5th lord for Aries ascendant. So, when Sun goes to 11th house in Aquarius sign, it creates a very good Dhana Yoga. It also indicates good education, gain from speculation, share-market etc.

You will get the success very easily. You will have a total business-minded mindset. You will be an expert in making money. You will be very intelligent and will have a great piece of knowledge in your field. You will be spiritual. You will always like to build friendship with the people having a royal lifestyle.

You will have a great career in the field of government jobs. You will be rich and wealthy. You will be blessed with a good name and fame. You may have to suffer from abdominal problems and some heart-related issues. So, be very careful and aware about the remedies.

Sun in the 11th House for Taurus Ascendant

Pisces is the 11th sign for Taurus ascendant. Here, sun is the 4th lord. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter which is friendly to Sun. So, the Sun in the 11th house in the sign of Pisces is quite strong. It will give financial prosperity, good education and benefit from family members.

You will be rich and wealthy. You will live a luxurious life. You will have your own house and vehicles. You will be blessed with all the comforts that will make your life wonderful.

You will be quite emotional. You will have a sweet and innocent heart. You will be a romantic person. You maybe have to suffer from some health issues.

You will have a good education. You will earn a lot in life with the help of your knowledge and experience. You will be blessed with good leadership qualities.

Sun in the 11th House for Gemini Ascendant

Aries is the 11th sign for Gemini ascendant. Sun is the 3rd lord in it. It becomes exalted in 11th house in the sign of Aries. So, it is highly auspicious placement for Sun. 11th house Sun in Aries sign will give lot of financial gain and fortune to Gemini ascendant. It indicates an all-round success.

You will be a brave person. You will be full of courage. You will have good physical and mental strength. You will be aggressive in nature. You may feel proud of yourself. You will have a strong belief in yourself and your own power.

You will be very active. You will have the best communicating skill. You will be a hard-working person and will get success in life because of your own hard work.

Sun in the 11th House for Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendants, Taurus is the 11th sign. For Cancer ascendants, Sun is the 2nd lord. Taurus in 11th house is ruled by Venus which is an enemy planet to Sun. So, Sun is not very comfortable in Taurus. But the 2nd lord in 11th house is a good Dhana Yoga and will give good financial prosperity to Cancer ascendant.

You will be a money-minded person. You will be an expert in making money and profits. You will have multiple sources of income. You will be the boss of your family and will get a lot of love and respect from your family members. You will have a bold nature. You will also be able to use your friend circle to earn more money. You only think about profit.

You may have to suffer from a lot of health issues. You will have weak eyesight. You will have the issue related to cold and cough.

Sun in the 11th House for Leo Ascendant

When Sun is in 11th house for Leo ascendant, it occupies the Gemini sign. For Leo, Sun is the ascendant lord. So, being the ascendant lord, its placement in 11th house in the sign of Gemini is very good. It will give you success in professional life and also good financial prosperity. Sun is also comfortable in Gemini. So, it is a good placement for Leo ascendants.

You will be full of skills. You will be blessed with an attractive voice and awesome communication skill. You will be very clever. You will be friendly to everyone. You will have a good logic towards everything. You will have good knowledge of science. You will be brave and full of courage. You will get success very easily. You will not have to struggle in your life. The value of money will always be higher for you rather than relationships. You will have a good friend circle.

Sun in the 11th House for Virgo Ascendant

Cancer is the 11th sign for Virgo ascendant. Sun is the 12th lord in it. So, its placement in 11th house is not very auspicious. It will give unnecessary expenditure and financial losses. But, at the same time, it can give you gain from foreign lands. You will make a profit through foreign countries.

You will be kind and liberal. You will be emotional by heart. But you will be very short-tempered. You will have lack of concentration. You will be fickle minded. You will have a sort of ego problem with your elders.

You will be a leader. You will have a good name and fame in society. You will suffer from digestive issues. You will also face some heart related issues. You will not have a good relationship with your father. Your father may also suffer from various health issues.

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Sun in the 11th House for Libra Ascendant

Leo is the 11th sign for Libra ascendant. For Libra, Sun is the 11th lord. So, the placement of the 11th lord in the 11th house is very good. It will give you financial gain and prosperity, good social network and even gain from elder siblings is also possible. So, it is a good placement for Libra. If Saturn also conjuncts with this Sun in 11th house Leo, it creates a grand Raj yoga.

You will have the power to destroy your enemy. You will have a long life. You will be kind and liberal. You will be rich and wealthy. You will make profits very easily. You will get all kind of comfort in your life but will not be satisfied with your life. You will get lots of big promotions in your career. You will get profits from your elders. You will have friendship with rich peoples. You will have a big friend circle. You will be famous among your friends.

Sun in the 11th House for Scorpio Ascendant

Here, Virgo is the 11th sign. Sun becomes the 10th lord for Scorpio ascendants. So, it indicates professional success and growth in career. You will be able to make a good financial gain with your own effort.

You will have a good financial status. You will have a good career and will have a lot of profit in your life. You will get success easily by your own hard-work. You will have a very sharp mind. You will be a fun-loving person. You will like to have new things. You will love to go for adventures.

You will have the best convincing power. You can change the mindset of peoples within seconds. You have your own passion and dreams. You are very passionate and emotional about your dreams.

Sun in the 11th House for Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendants, Libra is the 11th sign. Here, sun becomes the 9th lord of fortune. So, Sun in 11th house indicates increase of fortune for Sagittarius ascendants. It is good for higher education, wealth and prosperity.


You will be rich and wealthy. You will do anything for making money. You are very good at converting money into your property. You may also have to face an unstable financial status. You will have to face both loss and profits. You will never be satisfied with your income. If you face any loss you get irritated. Because of your frustration, you can also go to depression.

You will not have a good married life. Your wife will be full of ego and she will not have a good mentality. You will not get the proper mental support from her.

Sun in the 11th House for Capricorn Ascendant

Here, Scorpio is the 11th sign. Sun here is the most malefic planet for this placement. It is the owner of the 8th house and enemy to Lagna or ascendant lord Saturn. So, when the 8th lord Sun occupies the 11th house, it is not good for incoming gain and financial well-being. But if this Sun is connected with 5th lord, it can give gain from speculation.

You will have ego problems. You will be a daring person. You will have some secret affairs. You will be romantic and flirty in nature. You may have a wicked mentality.

You will have some health related issues. You will have issues in your sexual organs. You will be a famous person but can also suffer from the problem of being accused with false blame. You will be respected by your family. Sometimes, you may get angry but when it is over, you will not hesitate even to apologize. You are a person with a good heart.

Sun in the 11th House for Aquarius Ascendant

Sagittarius is the 11th sign for Aquarius ascendant. Here, Sun is the 7th lord and the 11th lord Jupiter is also friendly to Sun. Sun is strong in Sagittarius. It can give you gain from marriage, business, partnership etc. It can also give you gain from foreign land.

You will be a truthful person. Honesty is in your blood. You cannot tolerate cheating and telling lies. You will have a good personality. You will be open-minded and wise. You will be quite sensual. You can attract people of opposite gender easily.

11th lord Sun in 11th house gives you a lot of benefits and make your life easy. You may have to suffer from some financial issues before marriage but will have a good financial condition after your marriage. You will be a famous person. You will be a little bit short-tempered. You will suffer from some health related issues. You may also have to face delay in pregnancy.

Sun in the 11th House for Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant, Capricorn is the 11th sign. Sun is the 6th lord for Capricorn sign. So, its placement in 11th house is good for professional success and financial gain. But as 11th house Capricorn is ruled by enemy Saturn, Sun is not very strong here. So, the good result will be limited unless there are other favorable combinations present.

You will be your own boss. You will have a good market reputation. You will have a great career in the field of medicine. You will have a lot of enemies. But you will have the ability to turn your enemies in your friends. You will always get success in any kind of competition. You will be kind and gentle. You like to live a standard life.

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You will do a lot of unnecessary expenses. You will have some family issues. You will not get the support of your family.

Remedy for Sun

If Sun is Weak or Afflicted in your chart, You Need to Remove its Weakness and You Need to Make it Strong for Getting the Good effect of Sun. There are Various Ways to make the Sun Strong. Among all, Wearing the Gemstone of Sun is Most Popular. Ruby is the Gemstone of Sun and you Can Wear Ruby to Strengthen Sun. But the Quality of Gemstone Should be good. You can Purchase Good Quality Ruby from Our Store.

You can also Worship Lord Rama or Lord Shiva Daily to Reduce the weakness of Sun. Worshipping Clay Idol of Lord Shiva or Narmada Shiva Linga or Narmedeswar is Highly Beneficial also.

Surya Namaskar or Surya Pranam in the Morning is also Very Good for Making Sun Strong. Chanting Aditya Hridhay Stotra is also very Helpful.

I have discussed some important effects of Sun in 11th house. But we should always remember that planets give result as per the position in other divisional charts, aspect, conjunction etc. moreover the result will be field in the proper Dasha.

I wish it will help you anticipate a primary assessment of your life by your own. If you think I have missed or overlooked any significant point, then do not hesitate to suggest it to me. For further information, you can follow my website or can call me for more detailed information and their remedies.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask.

Some Quick Question Answare here…


Is 11th house good for Sun?

Sun in the eleventh house is a bitter placement for the Sun, as the eleventh house is ruled by Saturn, who isn’t musketeers with Sun. Thus Sun shouldn’t be bettered in this house, or differently it’ll destroy the relationship of the native with his father and authority numbers at the plant.

In which house does the sun give good results?

Sun in 10th house is maybe the stylish placement of Sun of all the houses, indeed better than the 1st house, as the 10th house is of career and public service.

What does 11th house represent in Vedic astrology?

The 11th house is the Labha house. The meaning of Labha is earnings. So, the 11th house explosively indicates income and earnings. It also stands for income, wealth, substance, unforeseen earnings & gains and cornucopia The 11th house also shows if your bournes and solicitations will get fulfilled.

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