Venus in 10th House-Ultimate Guide for all the Ascendant and Sign


Venus in 10th house will influence your Career or Profession in a Prominent Way. You can be involved in work or Profession which are influenced by Venus. Not only Profession but it will also impact your Social Status, Public Image, financial Success etc also.

But the Actual result will depend as per the Sign , Conjunction and aspect of other Planets. So you Should study the effect of Venus along with other planets in the 10th house for Career Prediction in Astrology.

Significance of Venus

In astrology, Venus is considered as the Guru of demons. Libra and Taurus is the own Sign for Venus. Pisces is the exaltation Sign of Venus. Mythology says, Venus can make the dead alive. Mythological, Venus is the son of Rishi Bhrigu. Venus is considered a master in every form of learning. Music, Arts, Finance, Designing, Graphics, Fashion etc are indicated by Venus.

Significance of 10th house

  • In Vedic Astrology, 10th house is called the Karmasthana, Kirtisthana or the Rajyasthana. It is the house for your profession or the work you are involved in. The combination of planets in this house represents the area of your occupation. It not only indicates about your Career but also indicates your Social Status, prestige and Authority.
  • According to our Vedic Astrology, if 10th house can thoroughly be analysed, it will clear your doubts regarding-which type of work suits you? or what would be the perfect line of work for you? It also can make you aware about your mistakes and let you know whether you would be successful or not.
  • It rules over your earning capabilities. 10th house is the most vital angular house, for which it can make the Raj-Yoga when combines with 9th house.

Results of Venus in 10th house

Venus refers to musical and artistic activities. When Venus is placed in 10th house, It can make you a skilled dancer, actor, Model, Painter etc. You will certainly be very good in writing, specially in poetry. Any kind of Creative work will be good for you. Venus also signifies professions associated with wealth-tax, excise etc.

If Venus is associated with 5th Lord, Possibility of profession in creative field increases.

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When dealing with Gold, Silver and Gems, the planet Venus can bring enormous success for you. It will favour the persons involved in businesses or industries like Bars, Perfumes, Hotel and Restaurants, Luxury item etc.

If Venus is Associated with Mercury in 10th house, it can give you Profession Like Software engineering or Information technology. If Venus is associated with Mars and Saturn in the tenth house, it can make you Civil Engineering or architect etc.

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If venus is conjunct with Sun or Ketu in the 10th house, it can give you profession like Doctor, Medicine, Pharma, Consultancy etc.

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When Venus is Strongly Placed in tenth House, it can make you blessed with intelligence. It can give you name and fame. You will have so many friends around you. You will be able to earn much respect and wealth as well. You will possess garden and most of the other amenities. That will bring much happiness in your life.

In Vedic astrology, an exalted Venus can give you the desired harmony. It can make you devoted to your task. But when Venus is debilitated in any house or sign, it can make you lazy, self-indulgent and superficial.

When Venus is in the 10th house of your horoscope, you will have a profession that can give you immense pleasure. Your life will be glorious. But if Venus in the 10th house is aspected by malefics, then you may have to face obstacles in your profession.

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If associated with Mercury, Jupiter and Mars, the planet Venus can give you the com fort in several matters related to transportation. You will be very pious and perform several kinds of religious ceremonies. A strong Venus can bless you with reputation. You will be an eminent person across the world. 10th house creates Rajyogas. So, Venus in 10th house can provide much honour, wealth and fame. You may be talkative but will be quite fortunate.

Sometimes Venus is there in the 10th house in own sign or the sign of its exaltation. This placement will create Malvya Mahapurush Rajyoga. It is one of the five highly auspicious Panch Mahapurush Yogas. Such a native will be fortunate and will have a clean image in society. Lot of Success is indicated with Such a Yoga.

If Venus occupies the 10th house, you can get wealth through women. It can also make you rich through agricultural work. You will be very influential. You may be working with many females as your higher authority or colleague. You are very friendly, social and renowned.

A 10th house Venus can make you trader dealing in perfume, cosmetics, flowers, paint, garments, textile, ornaments and paper etc. He may be engaged in farming. He may become an architect. Venus also signifies Vehicles. Therefore you may be a dealer of auto-mobile.

We have Seen a strong influence of Venus over the Sun in High Govt Jobs Like IAS or IFS etc. Here, you will get both power and comfort.

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Famous Scientist albert einstein,  Eminent politician like George Washington had Venus in Pisces in 10th house. Moti Lal Nehru had the Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in Aries in 10th house. So, it is very clear that an auspiciously placed Venus can help you to reach the peak of the success.

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But if you have Venus in your 10th house, you Should also check the condition of Venus in D-10 chart and D9 chart for better understanding. Without Properly checking the condition of planets in D9 and D10 chart, you Should not come into any conclusion.

You can read the importance of D10 chart

I have made a Video on D10 chart. You can watch it.

Venus in 10th house in different ascendant for different signs

Venus in tenth house in watery signs will indicate jobs related to navigation. When in airy signs, a 10th house Venus can make you a lawyer, consultant, architect or a beautician. Venus, when is placed in Dasam Bhava in earthy signs, it can make you famous in the world of television. You will get success in businesses like textile, cotton, garments and management. If in fiery signs, Venus in 10th house can make you minister, philosopher or engineer.

Now Lets discuss the effect of 10th house Sukra for every Ascending Signs

Venus in 10th Bhava for Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant Capricorn is the 10th house. Here Venus is the 2nd and 7th lord. 10th house Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Venus and Saturn are friendly planets. So, when Venus occupies the 10th house for Aries ascendants, it gives beneficial results. It can make you fortunate in business. You will get help from your family and your relatives in your career. This is a good placement for career if Venus is not weak or afflicted in some other way.

Venus in 10th House for Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant people Venus becomes the 1st and 6th lord. 10th house Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Both Saturn and Venus are friendly. The placement of Venus in the 10th house of Taurus ascendant is highly auspicious position for professional life. It will give you extremely good career, social status etc.

Venus in 10th Bhava for Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant people Venus is the 5th and 12th lord. The 10th house Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Venus are enemy to each other. When Venus occupies the 10th house for Gemini, it can give you career in creative fields, medicine etc. But in the initial phase of your career, you will face some obstacles and difficulties.

Venus in 10th House for Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer Ascendants, Venus is the 4th and 11th lord. The 10th house Aries is ruled by Mars. Venus is comfortable in Aries. So, when Venus occupies the 10th house for Cancer ascendant people, it will give you good success and progress in your career. You can find success near your own place or in homeland. Your friends, elder siblings etc. will help in your career progress.

Sukra in 10th House for Leo Ascendant

For Leo ascendants Venus is the 3rd and 10th lord. The 10th house Taurus is ruled by Venus itself. So, when Venus occupies the 10th house for Leo ascendant people, it gives a beneficial result in career. This placement creates highly auspicious Malavya Yoga which will give you social status, position and success.

Venus in 10th House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendants Venus is the 2nd and 9th lord. So, it becomes the main planet for giving financial gain and benefit. When Venus occupies the 10th house Gemini for Virgo ascendants, it will make you lucky regarding career and profession. You will not face any major obstacle or difficulty in your career. This is good position to have a successful professional life.

Venus in 10th House for Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendants Venus is the 1st and 8th lord. The 10th house Cancer is ruled by Moon. Venus is not very comfortable in Cancer. When Venus occupies the 10th house Cancer for Libra ascendant, you will make progress in life by your own effort. Lot of obstacles and difficulties will come in your way. Success will be delayed. But your own effort will be very important in removing those obstacles.

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Sukra in 10th House for Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant people Venus becomes the 7th and 12th lord. The 10th house Leo is ruled by Sun. Venus in 10th house Leo can give you success in creative field. This is also a good position for becoming a doctor. It can also help you to pursue a career in politics or social works.

Venus in tenth House for Sagittarius Ascendant

Here, Venus is the 6th and 11th lord. 10th house Virgo is ruled by Mercury. But Venus becomes debilitated in Virgo. Hence, this is not a good placement for your career unless Venus is strong in other divisional chart. You will face lot of enmity, obstacles etc. in your career. Success may not be as desired in career.

Venus in tenth House for Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant people Venus is the 5th and 10th lord. So, Venus becomes Yogakaraka planet for Capricorn ascendants. When Venus occupies the 10th house for Capricorn ascendants, it creates highly auspicious Malavya Yoga. This will give you high position, authority, good name and fame.

Venus in tenth House for Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendants Venus is the 4th and 9th lord. The 10th house Scorpio is ruled by Mars. The placement of Venus in the 10th house Scorpio for Aquarius ascendants is good for successful career. It creates a Raj Yoga which will give you recognition, authority and position for your work.

Venus in tenth House for Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant natives Venus is the 3rd and 8th lord. So, Venus is not a good planet for Pisces ascendants. The 10th house Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter and Venus are enemy to each other. So if Venus occupies the 10th house for Pisces ascendant then, it is not good for a smooth career. You will go through lot of challenges, obstacles in your career path. Success will only come after lot of work and effort.

I have tried to give you some information about the 10th house Venus. If you have this placement, then comment below and share your experience.

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