Venus in the 7th house of Navamsa Chart (D9 chart)


Venus in 7th House of Navamsa-D9 Chart

Venus in the 7th House of Navamsa Chart is Considered a Good Placement but its Result will not be Same for Every Individual. We Should Remember that D9 chart is a Divisional chart and We Also need to See the condition of Venus in your Main Birth chart or Rashi chart too.

Navamsa is the Main Divisional Chart for Marriage. We always use Navamsa chart along with Main Birth Chart or D1 chart to analyse Marriage and Married Life. Venus is the Main Responsible Planet for Marriage. This also indicates wife in case of a Male Native. So Every Eminent Astrologer has Advised to Check the condition of Venus in the Navamsa chart.

Navamsa is the 9th Division which Means the Dharma. So the Placement of Venus in the 7th House of Marriage will give you the information about how you will perform your Dharma in the Marriage and relationship. Here Dharma Means your Responsibilities and duties.

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The 7th house is the Main House of Marriage and Marriage Partner. The Planets in the 7th house will have a bearing on your Marriage, Married Life and Spouse. But We Should remember that the 7th house of D1 chart is the Desire or the Kind of Partner we want. But what we will end up getting is determined by the planets in the 7th house.

Suppose you have venus in the 7th house of your D1 chart or Main birth chart. It Simply indicates that you want a very Good Looking, Romantic, Fun Loving Life partner. But whether your desire will be fulfilled or nor will be determined by the 7th house of Navamsa. So Planets in the 7th house of D9 chart actually decide what kind of Marriage and Spouse we will get in this Life.

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Planets in the 7th house of Navamsa chart will influence the Physical Appearance or Look of your Spouse and Life partner. It will also indicate the Financial condition of Your Partner, Nature and character of your Partner and also the Married Life or Quality of Marriage. So the planets in the 7th house of your chart is very important.

You Should remember that Benefic Planets Like Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury are Good in the 7th house whereas the Malefic planets Like Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are unfavourable.

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Result of Shukra in the 7th House of D9 chart

Venus or Shukra in the 7th house of your Navamsa chart shows that your spouse would be having Venusian qualities. It can give you a rich, good-looking spouse, as well as expert in arts and business. He or She would be sophisticated, artistic, luxury oriented person.

Venus in the 7th house of Navamsa will give you a Good Looking Life Partner. Girls will get a Handsome Husband and Boy’s Will get a Good Looking Wife. But a Lot will depend on the Sign of the Venus and Planets Associated or aspecting Venus.

If Venus is conjunct with Planets Like Moon, Sun or Jupiter, this will further make it Strong. When the Venus is in Signs Like Cancer or Taurus or Gemini Navamsa, it will Make your Spouse not only Beautiful but also with a Good personality.

This Placement of Venus Can Make you Very Romantic and Loving too. Love and Romance will be very important in your Life. It has been seen that for these people being nurtured, being loved in the relationship takes predominance. This is also a Good Placement for Love Marriage. If your Chart has Strong Love Marriage Yoga, this Placement will further Strengthen it.

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Navamsa Venus on Marriage Time

The Planets of the 7th house of Navamsa is also Important for Marriage Time. Venus will give a Timely Marriage. If there is no Affliction, You will have your Marriage in right Age. If Venus is in own Sign or in Friendly Sign, it will Give early Marriage.

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Ketu and Saturn will Give Delay in Marriage when they are in the 7th house of D9 chart in conjunction with Venus. Venus if Afflicted by Ketu in the 7th house of Navamsa can make you Less interested in Marriage. So this is a Good Yoga for Spiritual Person and Religious Progress.

So if Venus is aspected by Saturn in Navamsa or if it is conjunct with Saturn or Ketu in the D9 chart, it will give Late Marriage. You can Read about How to Predict Marriage Age

Sukra in D9 Chart for Married Life

Venus in the 7th House of D9 Chart is Good for Married Life. If Venus is not the 6th Lord or 8th Lord in the Navamsa, this indicates overall a Good Married Life. It will give you Marital Peace and Happiness. It will give you comfort and contentment from your matrimony life with your partner. It can fill your matrimonial life with all kind of enjoyable experiences.

Venus will give a Good Understanding and compatibility with Your Partner. This is Good for the Stability of Relationship. But If your Navamsa Lagna is Sagittarius or Taurus, this Placement in the 7th house is not Good. It will give Problems in Married Life.

If Venus is Afflicted by ketu or any other Planet Like Saturn, this Will create Problems in Marriage and Married Life. This will Give a Kind of Dissatisfaction from The Relationship. You will feel a Kind of emptiness within yourself. This is not a Good combination for Love and Romance. It Can also give Breakup/disappointment etc in Love and Romance. It can also create trouble and problems after Marriage.

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In a female chart if Venus is Afflicted by Ketu in D9 chart, it is not good for child birth. Venus is important planet for childbirth. Ketu is Obstruction or Hurdle. So When Venus comes in contact with Ketu in D9 chart, it will create Delay and Problem in Childbirth. If this Yoga also repeat in D7 chart, this can create Lot of Problems. You can read about How to Predict childbirth.

Debilitated Venus in 7th House of Navamsa

If Venus is Debilitated in the 7th house of Navamsa, it may not give you a Good Looking Life Partner. This is not a Good Placement for Love Life. It Can Give delay in Marriage. This is not a Good Placement for Married Life and Stability of Marriage. If there is other Affliction too, it Can even give Divorce or Separation too.

The conjunction or Rahu with Venus in the 7th house of D9 chart, will increase the Sexual urge or Lust within you. So Satisfaction from Relationship will not come. This will not give you Happiness from Marriage and relationship. If this conjunction happens in the Signs Like Scorpio, Gemini, Aries etc, it is More harmful and problematic. It can Even Give you extramarital Affair.

If your Venus is not Afflicted, weak or does not own Negative House, You will be fortunate from your Marriage and your Spouse. Venus in the 7th house of Navamsha will give you a Happy Marriage. If Your Navamsa Lagna is Scorpio and Aries, It will also give Very Good Financial Status to your Spouse.

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Some Quick Question Answare here…

Which is 7th house in Navamsa chart?

There are certain planetary placements that can indicate marital happiness and satisfaction in a person’s chart. For example, Jupiter in the 7th house of the Navamsa chart often indicates a happy and devoted spouse. Similarly, an exalted Venus or Venus with a benefic influence can also indicative of a happy marriage.

What do the different houses of Navamsa represent?

When studying a person’s birth chart in order to understand their marriage prospects, it is important to take note of the Lagna (Ascendant) and the 7th house. The Lagna represents the individual’s desire for marriage, while the 7th house is indicative of the person’s relationship and marriage potential. By considering both of these factors, we can gain a more accurate understanding of the individual’s prospects for a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Does Venus in 7th house indicate love marriage?

When two people are strongly connected to one another, it can lead to a love marriage. This is especially true if there is also a connection to the seventh house of the lord of the seventh house. In astrology, the combination of Rahu and Venus also symbolizes love marriage, inter religion or intercaste marriage.

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