India and Pakistan are two long fighting neighbors. We understand that peace between us is a illusion. We also understand that, inspite of so many defeats Pakistan will never stop conspiracies against India even if it is in the cost of basic needs of their citizens. I came across an interesting story which i can not go without sharing.

The Indians should know that not only pakistan makes all kind of conspiracy against our country, people of pakistan hates Hindu religion and Hinduism more than anything else. Pakistan has a huge market of cheap masala stories and these little booklets are widely sold in markets and at train or bus stations. you will be surprised to know that in these stories, the scariest villain is always the Hindu.  The News was first published in The conversation magazine and you can read the full story.

These Stories, popularly known as Dar digest (Horror stories) are written by freelance authors living all over Pakistan and  commonly portray both Hindus and Muslims, frequently revealing a straightforward division between good and evil. The main subject of these stories are Evil Hindus may plan world domination, sacrifice young virgins for gaining immortality, or simply terrorise others for no obvious reason; their Muslim counterparts, meanwhile, emerge as noble saviours and wise father figures who righteously guard their religious community and the rest of the world from the claws of “Hindu spiritual imperialism.”

The Hindu ghosts, also described as “immoral Satan-worshiping spirits”, are notorious for their aggression; they attempt to convert every ghost in the world to Hinduism.

Pakistani people think not only India but every Hindu as a threat. Their Local small magazines clearly depicts their hatred and fear for Hindus.




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